Individual Counseling

Life presents us all with challenges, and at times the struggles we face motivate us to seek support. My approach with individual clients is rooted in my training as a Marital, Couples, and Family Therapist. I collaborate with clients to create greater understanding of how your past could be affecting your current health and relationships. We then uncover how you want to relate with yourself and the world today. If you are feeling stuck, my approach offers insights, alternatives, and increased resiliency. If you are seeking to grow personally or spiritually, I provide momentum and encouragement. 


Couples counseling is a major focus of my practice. Please refer to this site’s page entitled Couples for more information on my approach and how I work with couples. 

Co-Parenting & Separation Therapy

I work with a limited number of couples who are navigating the intricacies and challenges of separation and divorce. This service is intended for couples who have decided to end their relationship and want to ensure the best possible outcome for their children and family’s future. I always begin this process by talking with parents about the new family formation they want to create. When age appropriate, I meet separately with children to develop a well-rounded assessment of impact and needs. We then proceed forward with the intention of creating the best possible co-parenting relationship based on your family’s unique situation. 


If you are a parent who is concerned about your adolescent child, counseling is perhaps the best investment in your family’s future you can make. Adolescence is a unique time in life. The young adult’s job is to differentiate from their primary caregivers and form their social identity. Sometimes, this process presents immense challenges and frustration for families. My training in Family Systems provides me with the tools and knowledge to navigate this developmental stage. My parenting experience means I have real life empathy and understanding for how challenging this time can be for both adolescents and parents alike. I help decrease conflict and offer your child a safe environment to explore how they fit into the world. 



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I charge $100 for fifty minute individual sessions and $150 for seventy-five to ninety minute couples and co-parenting/separation sessions. I am committed to making counseling attainable for everyone. I reserve a certain number of time slots at a discounted rate. Please do not hesitate to ask me about this if it's something you are interested in. Reduced fees are offered to students, seniors, and clients experiencing financial distress or major life transitions. 


I accept cash, checks, and credit cards. At this time, I do not accept insurance.


Please print and fill out a copy of the appropriate client intake form prior to your first session. You can also print and read through a copy of my Professional Disclosure Statement (PDS) to prepare for our first session. Thank you!

PDFs for download: